Executive Board Membership 2018-2019 Election Term

CALA invites you to take part in the upcoming 2018-2019 Executive Board Election Term!

November 15th, 2017 is CALA’s Annual Membership Meeting and more importantly, ELECTION DAY!

If any of you are interested in serving on the Executive Board, please let us know! We believe that everyone has an equal opportunity and a right to participate and contribute to CALA via any one of the positions that they are interested in.

The Positions and Description of duties are as follows:

President: The President shall be the chief executive and administrative offer of the Association and as such shall: (i) have general and active supervision of the property, business and affairs of the Association; (ii) automatically be and serve as chairperson of the Executive Committee; (iii) see that all orders and resolutions of the Executive Committee are enforced and put into effect; (iv) enforce these Bylaws; (v) preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee and membership meetings; (vi) have the authority to disburse funds; (vii) sign and execute all contracts in the name of the Association, and all notes, drafts or other orders of payment of money and all other instruments whatsoever incident to the conduct of business of the Association; (viii) be an ex-officio member of all  committees; (ix) appoint a Parliamentarian to serve as provided in these Bylaws; (x) serve as the Association’s voting delegate to the South Carolina Alliance of Paralegal Associations, if such a delegate is required; and (xi) appoint a member of the Executive Committee to serve as a second delegate to the South Carolina Alliance of Paralegal Associations, if such a delegate is required. The President shall also pass files on to the successor President immediately upon installation and shall cause all officers’ and chairpersons’ files to be passed on to respective successors.

Vice President: The Vice President shall; (i) preside and shall assume all duties assigned to President in the President’s absence; (ii) shall be chairperson of one committee of his/her choosing; (iii) perform such other duties as from time to time may be assigned by the Executive Committee or the President; (iv) succeed the President in the event of the President’s inability to serve; and (v) serve as Secretary and/or Parliamentarian when this officer(s) is absent.

Corresponding Secretary: The Corresponding Secretary shall (i) give notice of all meetings and be responsible for all general correspondence to the membership either electronic or written; and (iii) shall be chairperson of the Job Bank Committee.

Recording Secretary: The Recording Secretary shall (i) record the proceedings of the meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee; (ii) maintain a current roster of membership; (iii) perform all duties incident to the office of Secretary and such other duties as my be prescribed by the Executive Committee. Association minutes of any meeting shall be available to the NALA President upon request. Additionally, minutes of each Executive Board meeting shall be mad available and distributed to all Board members in advance of the next Executive Board meeting.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall: (i) deposit all funds and make all disbursements subject to approval of the Executive Committee and as provided in the budget; (ii) have any and all extraordinary or unbudgeted expenses approved by the Executive Committee prior to payments of said expenses; (iii) confirm that all disbursements of the Association are by association check signed by two (2) of the following officers: The President or Treasurer; (iv) submit a written financial report to the Executive Committee at least quarterly to be attached to the official minutes and be made a part of the permanent record of the Association; (v) report the membership annually to NALA with the renewal fee for continued affiliation with NALA; (vi) have the authority to sign and execute notes, drafts or other orders for payment of money; and (vii) shall be chairperson of the Finance Committee. If cash payment is accepted at any Association event, it is the responsibility of this officer, together with on other officer, to count and record all cash payments.

NALA Liaison: This officer shall be a NALA member, shall be familiar with the NALA Bylaws and Standing Rules, shall receive minutes of all NALA  meetings and shall represent the Association at the NALA annual meeting of affiliated associations. This officer shall report quarterly on Association activities to the NALA affiliation associations director on forms provided by NALA headquarters and shall report all officers’ names to NALA headquarters and the NALA affiliated associations director. This officer may submit items the Association wishes discussed to the NALA affiliated associations director and shall participate in discussion sessions at NALA annual meetings. A report to Association members on the NALA annual meeting will be required. The Association shall pay this officer’s annual NALA dues for each year he or she serves as NALA Liaison as part of his or her service to the Association. Upon election and installation, the NALA Liaison shall submit to the Treasurer his or her completed NALA application or renewal form, and the Treasurer shall issue the check for payment of the NALA dues and submit to NALA within thirty (30) days of receipt. This offer shall within sixty (60) days of passage, notify the NALA Parliamentarian and affiliated associations director of any changes in the Association’s Bylaws. This officer shall be the main contact between NALA and the Association. This officer shall be a member of the governing body of this Association.

Parliamentarian: This Parliamentarian shall: (i) give opinions upon parliamentary procedures upon request of any member of the Executive Board; (ii) be Chairperson of the Bylaws Committee; (iii) attend Executive Committee meetings and membership meetings or, if unable to attend, carefully review the minutes of said meetings; (iv) be familiar with the Association’s Bylaws and NALA Bylaws; (v) receive all proposed amendments to the Bylaws and/or the Standing Rules on behalf of the Bylaw Committee; (vi) use the Association’s Bylaws and Standing Rules of the Association to maintain parliamentary order; and (vii) use rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order as parliamentary authority for items not covered by these Bylaws or Standing Rules of the Association. This officer, selected from the Association as any full member in good standing, shall be appointed by the President. Any member may nominate any full member for this position in response to the Call for Nominations, and the President shall consider all nominations. Prior to appointment, the President shall confer with the Executive Board and confirm there is no good reason or cause why his or her selection should not be appointed. Absent a unanimous vote of the Executive Board in opposition to the President’s selection, the President shall appoint the Parliamentarian following the last Executive Board Meeting of each calendar year, and the Parliamentarian shall be (sic) follow the guidelines set forth in Appendix C regarding transfer of materials and installation as an Officer.

Descriptions of Chairpersons:

Standing Committees: The President shall appoint the following standing committee chairpersons, unless otherwise provided for herein.

Job Bank; Bar Liaison; Membership; Nomination & Election; Social Planning; Education; Bylaws (Parliamentarian); Newsletter/Social Media; Finance (Treasurer); Community Outreach.

Duties and responsibilities of these committees and chairpersons shall be followed as outlined  in Appendix D and the Standing Rules of the Association. Committee chairpersons shall serve for one year term(s) at the pleasure of the President; terms for chairpersons may run consecutively.

Finance Committee:

The primary function of this Standing Committee shall be to establish an annual budget for the Association. This committee should reference Appendix E and the Standing Rules of the Association for creation of the budget and other guidelines. This committee shall also be responsible for ensuring that the President and Treasurer of the Association are bonded each year. If a new company is sought for the bond(s), this committee shall gather comparable quotes and present the information together with the application for bond to the Executive Board for approval.